Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fw 190s of JG 26, JG 1, JG 2 & JG 54

Fw 190s of JG 26, JG 1, JG 2 & JG 54:

Above;  FW 190 "schwarze 16" of 8./JG 26 with Spatzwappen (sparrow emblem) seen at Wevelgem during 1943. In the cockpit is Wart Gödecker and on the right of the shot is Lt. Gerd Wiegand.
From Michael Meyer's current Ebay sales 


Below; Fw 190 A-5 assigned to Gruppe TO II./ JG 1 summer 1943. Note red Tatzelwurm on the cowl and FuG 16 antenna mast under the port wing

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