Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW! - Hasegawa - Experimental "Shoki"

NEW! - Hasegawa - Experimental "Shoki": Hasegawa has just released a most interesting Nakajima Ki-44-I "Shoki" with contra-rotating propellers!!!
Scale is 1:48, "Limited Edition", Kit number: 07331.
Excellent choice Hasegawa!

The props are metal and there are options for two aircraft; the one with the contra-rotating props and an early production Ki-44-II Ko with one 3-blade prop.
Marking & Painting instructions of the kit.
 Only one "Shoki" was fitted and tested with the contra-rotating props and there is only photo of the aircraft is below. Unfortunately the tail is not visible but it doesn't seem to have any tail marking. If it had it could be just a katakana.

The second "Shoki", c/n 1308, is seen in the photo below tested in Fussa, Tokyo by "Rikugun Koku Shinsa-bu" (Army Aviation Test Department). Note the oil cooler shape on both aircraft. These are provided in the kit.

Limited numbers of the kit are available through our on-line store. Our price is: $US42.00 including postage by Air. Email us if interested.

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